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Have you thought about starting a farm?


If so, this episode with Annemarie Sullivan of @sullifarmandkitchen is for you.


Annemarie is a 23-year-old regenerative farmer in Northeast Texas.


What bloomed out of a deep love for nutrition and food, she started farming in 2016 with a few Nigerian Dwarf Goats, opened Sullifarm & Kitchen in 2018, and is now regenerating over 50 acres of land.


My co-host, Lauren Stine, @whitehoofacres and Annemarie discuss the ins and outs of bootstrapping a small farm, sustaining a profitable, yet regenerative operation, and the many challenges she and other beginner farmers experience in the early years.


From financing to species selection to farming as a young female, Lauren and Annemarie cover many important topics for any aspiring farmer.


Be sure to check out Annemarie and Sullifarm & Kitchen and give this episode a listen.


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Thanks, and enjoy the show!

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