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On this episode of the Sustainable Dish Podcast, I speak with Marty Kendall of Optimising Nutrition and Nutrient Optimiser, an assessment and program designed to help you identify nutrient deficiencies and guide you through optimizing your nutrition without the use of supplements.

I've followed Marty's program several times and learned how to maximize my diet for optimal nutrient absorption and health.

I first learned about the importance of nutrient optimization through my own journey with Celiac Disease. Having lived undiagnosed for decades, my body thrived once I began understanding how to maximize my nutrition with testing, diligent tracking, and nutrient-dense recipes.

Marty's Nutrient Optimiser assessment and Optimising Nutrition program is a wealth of information for anyone seeking to amplify their nutrition and health.

Tune into this show to hear about my own Nutrient Optimiser challenge and learn more about how you can join the challenge, too.

Check out Marty's blog for more helpful tools, resources, and recipes.

This episode is sponsored by FOND Bone Broth, one of my favorite “better broth” companies. Their broths and elixirs are not only well-sourced, but they are delicious. Visit their website here and enter the code SUSTAINABLEDISH for 20% off your first order

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