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In this episode, I chat with Tara Youngblood, founder of Chilisleep, an innovative company with “science-based sleep products to inspire people to sleep better”.

Tara, as a self-described “Sleep Geek,” used her background in science to unlock the connection between temperature and sleep to solve her sleep problems. 

Tune in to this episode to discover:

  • The phases of sleep and the importance of deep sleep
  • How lack of sleep is like being drunk and what it looks like to your brain
  • The link between sleep and athletic performance and learning
  • How famous creatives use sleep in their work
  • The impact of sleep on diet and exercise
  • How to plan for good sleep
  • Common sleep issues
  • How wine and cannabis affect sleep quality
  • The effects of Ambien on sleep
  • How temperature affects sleep
  • Sleep hacks from Tara and Diana

The ChiliPad has changed my life - literally. My sleep, and in turn, my health, has dramatically improved since using the Ooler sleep system.

I strongly encourage you to join Tara's 5-Day Back to Sleep Challenge. In less than ONE week, you could feel blissfully rested, even on those mornings where you don’t have time for a full night of slumber. Join the FREE 5-Day Back to Sleep Challenge today.

And if you decide to try one of their products for yourself, use Chilipad20 for 20% off a full chiliPAD sleep system, OOLER15 for 15% off a full OOLER sleep system, or chiliBLANKET10 for 10% off a full chiliBLANKET sleep system!

Connect with Tara:

Websites: Chilisleep and The Sleep Geek

Social Media:

Instagram (@the_sleep_geek) 


Facebook (The Sleep Geek) 

Twitter (@the_sleep_geek)

Episode Credits:

Thank you to all who’ve made this show possible. Our hosts are Diana Rodgers, Lauren Manning, and James Connelly. Our producer is Meg Chatham, and our editor is Emily Soape. And of course, we are grateful for our sponsors, Patreon supporters, and listeners.

This episode is sponsored by FOND Bone Broth, one of my favorite “better broth” companies. Their broths and elixirs are not only well-sourced, but they are delicious. Visit their website here and enter the code SUSTAINABLEDISH for 20% off your first order.

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