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The colonization and industrialization of our food system have wreaked havoc on our environment and health, but what's often untold about this system is the trauma Indigenous communities experienced throughout the history of this extractive expansion.


In this episode of the Sustainable Dish Podcast, I sit down with Sanjay Rawal, the director of the new film, Gather, "an intimate portrait of the growing movement amongst Native Americans to reclaim their spiritual, political and cultural identities through food sovereignty, while battling the trauma of centuries of genocide."


We discuss his journey into filmmaking (his first film, Food Chains, about migrant agricultural labor in the U.S., is a must-see), how he, as a non-native, fostered a deep sense of collaboration with the First Nations Development Institute in efforts to genuinely portray the native characters in the film, why Indigenous land stewardship holds the solutions to the restoration and regeneration our soils need, and how the development of our connections to the land and the foods that make us who we are can not only restore food sovereignty, but also our health, culture, environment, and more.


Gather is a beautiful film and a collection of stories infused with history, reclamation, and hope. It's also a portrait showing us solutions that have always been here: Indigenous land stewardship, or what we non-natives are now calling regenerative agriculture.


To learn more about and watch Gather, visit the website and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.


To make an impact to support the First Nations Development Institute, visit their website here.


This was a joy to record! I hope you enjoy it, too!


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Thanks, and enjoy the show!

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