Sustainable Dish Podcast

On this episode of The Sustainable Dish Podcast, we dive deep into the carbon credit market with Megan Parks, the Executive Vice President and Co-Founder of Grassroots Carbon, a public benefit company that makes it easy to buy and sell nature-based carbon storage.

Carbon credits, carbon sequestration, carbon storage are all growing buzzwords in today's headlines, but what are they and what do they really mean?

Lauren and Megan break down the carbon credit market and what it means for regenerative ranchers and carbon credit buyers now and in the future.

They discuss how transparency and stringent, third-party testing are key to long-term grassland regeneration and carbon sequestration. They also reveal that even though carbon storage is in the spotlight right now, there are many other benefits of grassland regeneration that could become even more marketable than carbon credits in the future.

If you're curious about the viability of the carbon credit market, interested in purchasing carbon credits, or considering selling your carbon storage capabilities on your own land, give this episode a listen.

Check out Grassroots Carbon on their website, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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