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Do you ever wish that you could know how specific foods impact your energy, sleep, mood, or overall health? And better yet, know in real-time so you can take actionable steps to get the outcome you want? 

A continuous glucose monitor (CGM) might just be the solution you are looking for. For most of their existence, these tools have only been available to those diagnosed with poorly managed diabetes. So, in other words, once there was already a problem.

My guest for this episode, Josh Clemente, who when seeking answers to his own health questions, found this barrier to be frustrating and confusing.  Why should you need permission or wait to have a problem in order to get information about your own body? Josh channeled these feelings and created Levels, a CGM available to the general public.

Josh says “the intention of Levels is to generate metabolic awareness” and understand how all your individual choices affect you and use that to piece together tactics to achieve your goals. 

I don’t typically dedicate an entire podcast episode to a single product unless it is one I truly love. Levels have given me insight into how the foods I eat and the context in which they are eaten, effects me. Plus, it gives me accountability at the same time as liberation. I can eat more carbs than I thought and find ways to fit in occasional ice cream (or tequila!).

Listen in to find out more about CGMs and bio-individuality as Josh and I talk about:

- How Levels started and Josh’s struggle to find out information about his own body

- Why healthcare (or rather, sickcare) needs engineers

- The need for a paradigm shift from one of “symptom care” to one that enables people with feedback to make informed choices

- Why the focus should be on metabolic dysfunction rather than specific diseases

- What leads to metabolic dysfunction and why context matters

- The importance of closed feedback loops in making decisions

- Why you should pair salsa dancing with your margaritas

- What the future holds for Levels


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Marty Kendall

CDC stats on diabetes

Weitzman Institute Study on CGMs

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Connect with Josh:

Website: Levels

Instagram: @levels

Twitter: @levels

LinkedIn: Josh Clemente

Podcast: LEVELS - A Whole New Level


Episode Credits:

Thank you to all who’ve made this show possible. Our hosts are Diana Rodgers and James Connelly. Our producer is Emily Soape. And of course, we are grateful for our sponsors, Patreon supporters, and listeners.

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