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Pipers Farm started as a 50-acre family farm in 1989. Peter Greig and his wife, Henri, wanted to raise animals in a way that was inspired by and respected nature and resulted in healthy food that they wanted to feed their kids. Now, Pipers Farm includes 45 small-scale family farms that share common values in producing food in a sustainable way. 

Peter Greig and his daughter-in-law, Abby Allen, are on the show today to chat about Pipers Farm’s new cookbook - The Sustainable Meat Cookbook: Recipes & Wisdom for Considered Carnivores. This is a beautiful book filled with delicious recipes, gorgeous photographs, and wise words about sustainable meat consumption. I highly recommend it!

Peter, Abby, and I have a wonderful nuanced conversation about the importance of consumer education and the complicated topic of access to nutrient-dense meat for low-income families. Join us for this great listen!


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