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Our next podcast guest shines a light on black farmers in celebration of black history month. Justin Butts may be young, but he’s already accomplished an impressive resume. He’s served in the armed forces, studied at the Culinary Institute of America, and launched his own soap business, Butts Brothers, sourcing lard from the Kune Kune pigs that he raises. 


In his newest gig as livestock coordinator for Soul Fire Farm, Justin is working diligently to help the community learn more about livestock production, eating meat, and the joys of nose-to-tail dining. This work constitutes the culmination of so many skills and interests that he’s touched on throughout his career including juggling multiple projects, a passion for delicious food, and reconnecting people with the food that they eat. He also shares his experiences as a black farmer and offers advice for other people of color who are interested in getting involved in food system work through farming or other avenues.


This episode was a joy to record! Be sure to give it a listen and check out the work of Justin and Soul Fire Farm!

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The Sustainable Dish Podcast is BACK!
I've been hard at work with book and film edits and the podcast has been a bit silent lately.
Until now! In this new episode, I introduce my co-host, Lauren Stine, discuss why I chose to make Sacred Cow, and share my favorite parts of this film-making journey. We have an exciting lineup of future guests, so be sure to subscribe to your favorite podcast streaming platform to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest.
This isn't the first time we've heard from Lauren. In my first interview, we discuss how one of her goats was stolen from her farm by vegan activists. Be sure to give it a listen for further context on Lauren's background.
In this show, we talk about my introduction into film with the short documentary, Soft Slaughter, and my hopes and takeaways from my experience making Sacred Cow.
Lauren highlights her favorite blog post, Books for Meat-Curious Kids, and how we need more resources for children and young people to learn about better meat.
Lastly, we discuss our lineup of future guests, how you can submit requests, and stay up-to-date by signing up for my weekly newsletter.
As always, thanks for listening!