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In this episode, I welcome back to the show, Will Harris, fourth-generation farmer, and owner of White Oak Pastures. You can listen to our first episode here

In 1995, Will made the bold decision to stop using industrialized farming methods at White Oak Pastures and instead return his operation to the traditional farming techniques used by his forefathers.

Today, White Oak Pastures operates as a living ecosystem that is holistically managed and proudly zero-waste - all while employing 155+ people and helping to revitalize the small town of Bluffton, GA.  

Listen in as Will and I discuss the big plans for our upcoming event October 21-24.  We also chat about: 

The office at White Oak Pastures and the interesting construction of his driveway

How Spider Lilies indicate the changing of the seasons

-The size and scope of White Oak Pastures

-What is raised at White Oak Pastures

-The unique lodging at White Oak Pastures

-How the end of small and medium-sized farms have changed rural America

-How Will’s family is involved in their family-owned farm

-Center for Agricultural Resilience (CFAR)


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Gabe Brown

Jason Rowntree

Ranching for Profit

Regenerative Farming and Nutrition workshop October 21-24

Sacred Cow

Jules Horn - Website & Podcast with Jules 

Samantha Garwin 

Connect with Will:

Website: White Oak Pastures

Instagram: @whiteoakpastures

LinkedIn: Will Harris

Facebook: @whiteoakpastures

Twitter: @whiteoakpasture

YouTube: White Oak Pastures Farms

Episode Credits:

Thank you to all who’ve made this show possible. Our hosts are Diana Rodgers, Lauren Manning, and James Connelly. Our producer is Meg Chatham, and our editor is Emily Soape. And of course, we are grateful for our sponsors, Patreon supporters, and listeners.

This episode is sponsored by FOND Bone Broth, one of my favorite “better broth” companies. Their broths and elixirs are not only well-sourced, but they are delicious. Visit their website here and enter the code SUSTAINABLEDISH for 20% off your first order.

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